The Right Has Nothing to Apologize For.*

A Congress Woman was shot yesterday. Many people were killed. It is unquestionably a tragedy. However the Left just looked at is a way to hit the Right.

Within minutes I saw blogs and facebook posts from liberals railing against the “tyranny” of Republicans in Arizona of how “vitriolic speech” of the Right was responsible for this. I saw rather vitriolic rants against Beck, Limbaugh, Savage, Coulter and the like. And I didn’t think these people who exemplified the very sin they were ranting against with gusto were representative of everyone who identifies themselves as a Democrat, but I did find it annoying. These remarks came almost instantly after the shooting, at which point no one knew what the motive was. I understand people get frustrated by, but to attack the people you don’t like as opposed to those responsible, it helps no one. I thought, won’t these people be embarrassed if the motive turns out to have nothing to do with Republicans and Democrats.

I apparently was giving these people too much credit. Because when this idiot Laughner’s identity was released we find that he has posted one his favorite books is Mein Kampf (not exactly high on the list of Tea Party or Conservative reading). Hmmm, Neo-Nazi shoots Jewish Congresswoman. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the motive didn’t have anything to do with her being a Democrat and was more rooted in this little shit being an anti-Semite. (But America has and always has had this problem with condemning anti-Semitism, but that’s a problem that the Right and the Left have to own up to.) Further this piece of scum also lists The Communist Manifesto as another of his favorite books—I guarantee you nobody on the Right lists that as their favorite book.

It is disgusting and intellectually dishonest to blame modern politics for this shooting. This is the fault of anti-Semitism which to this day is still one of the greatest threats to peace in the world. But I doubt either side (Right or Left) will place the blame where it should be placed. Let me try a little hateful speech some say incorrectly say is responsible for this event–Every last anti-Semite on this planet should be hunted down, tried, convicted and (I’d say shot, but I don’t believe in the death penalty) put in a dark hole for the rest of their sad existence. Please, tell me my vitriol is inappropriate.

[Update: Okay as new information came out, it appears even the motives I was attributing to this guy are not accurate. He’s just batshit insane. However, my point that neither liberal nor conservative rhetoric is to blame still stands…and I’m not going to really change this because even if this guy isn’t a good example of it, anti-Semitism is still a major problem in the world and I just can’t bang that drum enough.]

But even though, this seems to me to be more motivated by anti-Semitism than conservative beliefs, let’s go on a thought experiment. What if he had been a conservative? Would those on the Left who critiqued the Right for it polemics and vitriol for what they honestly believe are socialist incursions on our freedoms have been justified? Well, by using the standards of the Left, no they would not. Why? Because I can’t complain that the Koran is a hate filled book without being called a racist and being told that the Koran preaches peace and that there are only a few people who misinterpret its’ words that are to blame. So taking that line of logic, even if this psycho had thought he was a conservative, would the logical extension be to assume that he misinterpreted conservatism and that conservatism is a philosophy which preaches forceful, energetic and sincere but nonviolent opposition to government and the left (which it does) because you can’t blame a belief that has one crazy psycho and 50 million peaceful people to be bad. That would be the line of logic. But apparently if you subjugate women for 1500 years, preach anti-Semitism, wage unending war on Israel, and commit the worst acts of terrorism (on a near daily basis in Iraq and Afghanistan), you’re a religion of peace.. meanwhile a psycho every couple of years (and completely ignoring that there are psychos on the left too) then you’re a political belief of hatred….yeah no hypocrisy or illogical stances there. None at all.

This guy was a nuts. Republicans had nothing to do with that. We’re not the party that acts like you need government help (through affirmative action, or any of a dozen entitlement programs) to make it in life if you’re a minority. We’re not the party that wants to keep the pseudo slave class of illegal immigrants in this country as a group to be exploited. Now liberals don’t see those programs that way, even though that is the effect. And Liberals had nothing to do with this sick excuse for a human being either.

As to the vitriol of Republican rhetoric contributing to this…Bull shit! No commentary on the right I know advocates violence. We may be passionate and we may demonize the policies of the left and those who advocate it, but it is because we really believe that there are infringements being made upon our liberties. Exactly what tone would be appropriate for infringements on freedoms? Perhaps rioting at World Trade conferences or burning effigies of the president at anti-war rallies. No. While that is usually within the realm of free speech (which I’ll defend except for the violent part) we on the right aren’t really crazy, we just apparently cry a lot when we think about this country.

In the end could we take a breath? Blame the crazy people who need to be blamed (and locked up for their whole life), and maybe stop being such hypocrites (the Right does it too, I’ll admit).

*(Actually the Right has a lot to apologize for: Bush’s prescription drugs expansion, TARP, the lack of a long term plan in Iraq and Afghanistan, both Bush’s, being cowards, thinking abortion and gay rights are not even vaguely issues the government should be getting into…but in the incidents of this weekend the Right has no blame in this.)

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