Books for New Agers: Evidence of the Afterlife by Jeffrey Long, MD

You should read Evidence of the Afterlife by Jeffrey Long, MD
If you’ve ever doubted that there is life after death, this is a good book to help quell those doubts. Fair warning, this is not great literature nor spectacular prose, but the information is quite interesting. The book examines the results of a massive study of near-death experiences and has truly fascinating insights. I’d recommend getting it because I’m always supportive of authors getting paid, but I will let you know some of the more interesting points, that I dare skeptics to refute.

1. 10-20 seconds after the heart stops electrical signals in the brain stops. Exactly how would the brain encode new memories with no electrical signals? And yet those near death experiences come from somewhere, just apparently not from the brain.
2.Many near-death experiences occur under anesthetics, yet near-death experiences are very lucid…which is in direct contradiction to what anesthetics do to the brain.
3. (And probably my favorite point because, I naturally have a skeptical side that likes to at least consider objections and I can’t even come up with a bullshit explanation for this) People who have been blind since birth, who don’t even dream visual impressions, describe visual experiences in near-death experiences. And their visual descriptions are accurate descriptions of the surrounding events.
4. We all know that people see dead relatives when they cross over…but apparently people who hallucinate often see people who are alive (proximity in their memories and all) so if near-death experiences are only hallucinations, as skeptics claim, how does the brain know to pick dead people?
5.Children, even at very young ages, have the same near death experience as adults (tunnel of light, out of body, dead people, angels, etc.)….so it can’t be society’s ideas put into people’s heads as they’re too young to have been exposed to such ideas. (Oh, and they’re consistent across cultures too).
And so really, without simply assuming the author of the book or the people involved are lying, I would love somebody to give me an explanation that isn’t bullshit other than the fact that there must be something after death.


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