The Dream Act is Dead. Long live the Dream Act. Laws to Pass #6

So this sham of a law to legalize a bunch of people who broke the law died. Primarily because it is beyond stupid to say if you go to college you get to become a citizen.

However, the idea of serving this country leading to citizenship is a good idea. One of the first things the Republicans should do in the New Year is to pass a version of the Dream Act that says quite simply that if you serve in the armed forces for four years, no matter how you got here, you get to be a citizen. (With the obvious exception if you have criminal acts on your records, although you shouldn’t be allowed in the armed forces if you’ve committed a crime). Anyone who wants to serve this country deserves to be a citizen. This kind of honor and sacrifice needs to be rewarded.

The Republicans need to pass this not because it will look good with Hispanic voters (even though it will), they need to do it because it is right. The men and women who serve this country with distinction deserve every honor we can give them; citizenship seems the least of what we can do.

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