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Weekly Reading Highlights

Why Do People Believe in Fantasies? By John Stossel… It’s a good read, but I’ll save you and Stossel the trouble–they’re unbeleivably dumb.

“Under pressure from Beijing, the following countries joined China’s boycott of the [Nobel Peace Prize] ceremony: Serbia, Morocco, Pakistan, Venezuela, Afghanistan, Colombia, Ukraine, Algeria, Cuba, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tunisia, Vietnam and the Philippines. What a pathetic bunch.”

Why the Supreme Court May Strike Down Health ‘Mandate’

Feel Free to Label Me by David Harsanyi This ‘No Labels’ thing is really stupid.

America’s Number One! …oops never mind. by Dan Mitchell

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Got Milk? Not if the FDA has anything to say.

Tonight’s blog is thanks to the Reason Foundation.

So I see three main problems with this.
1. I don’t think the government has the right to tell me I can’t use hard core narcotics (so long as I’m not harming anyone else), so I’ll be damned if I even remotely agree with the idea that government has the right to tell people they can’t eat cheese and milk.
2. Who knew the California Sheriffs were such S.S. wannabes. The appropriate response from any law enforcement would have been to say to the FDA, “I have actual criminals to worry about. Go !@#$ yourself.” But no, these officers, who would have clearly made excellent additions to the Hitler Youth, aren’t here to “protect and serve” but “bully and oppress” the public. I now know one California department that can be scrapped off the budget. Of course, I would also like to see these officers thrown in jail for their gross abuse of power (not to mention their destruction of private property) and while jailing people costs money, since I’d prefer to see these Brown shirts thrown into general population, they shouldn’t be costing us money for long.
3. Between the Sheriff’s Department, the FDA, the State Prosecutor, and all the other agencies involved this has got to be costing the state of California millions of dollars. Isn’t California a broke? Isn’t California beyond broke? Why in the name of dear God in Heaven are they wasting time on and money on something like this. Oh, wait, wasting money like this is probably why California is broke. Even if the government had a right and responsibility to look into this area (which they don’t) it still is not a justified use of tax payer money.

And if you think the Federal government isn’t doing this exact kind of insanity, probably along with most other states, you’re nuts.
This is why you don’t give the government more money by raising taxes. They do this kind of insanity when they’re broke—God help us when they actually have money to ruin our lives. Their budgets, their powers, their intrusions into our lives need to be cut. Otherwise they have become the very harms on our lives and infringements on our liberties that they are supposed to protect us from.

Got Milk? Not if the FDA has anything to say.

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