The New Age Part II

So last week I dealt with what the New Age is, and defined it as a the moment when the collective consciousness of humanity moves from being focused on a psychology of achievement and materialism of the 2nd chakra and into the more self-reflection and personal power oriented view of the 3rd chakra. It’s not the end all be all apocalyptic final revelation of human civilization…but it is a step. So how do we get there?

Well, first we have to ask why do I say we’re at just short of the line between level two and level three. After all, that doesn’t quite make sense. Isn’t every person on a different level? Don’t we have people who make it to the highest level of conscious and be saints, and Buddhas and Christs of history? And by the token, don’t we have serial killers, and child molesters and other examples of the worst that humanity has to offer? Yes. I’m not going to deny any of that.

I’m going to remind you however that, according to New Age belief, each of us is only a part of a large being’s consciousness, so while we ourselves might be at a certain level, the average level of every person on the planet is more accurately where we truly exist. Most people tend to be at this exact level, mostly because most members are little more than sheepeople (sheep + people) who will bleat on command and they run their lives primarily on autopilot, and that autopilot is set to the prevailing psychology of the grander collective consciousness. Now many of these people might be trying to make a step forward in their spiritual evolution but they are constantly pulled to that average.

So how do we as a planet make that next step? My answer is almost a little too obvious when you think about it, but it’s rational. It is a two-fold answer. One of the biggest hindrances to being able to make a step forward is the forces in the world that pull you back to that average. These are the forces of those minds that are well below the average. (And I don’t just mean the child molesters, rapists, murderers, thieves, and Democrats) Unfortunately anytime you’re angry, you’re frightened, you’re depressed it’s taking energy from those lower levels and bringing the whole average down. So, one of the two biggest things that need to be done is to remove the biggest forces that drag people down. Believe it or not this would actually be the government’s job (one that it sadly doesn’t like to do all too often). After all, what’s one of the biggest forces that is dragging people down right now…that would be the unending recession the governments of the world caused by trying to mess around with the economy. It started to do the exact opposite of everything the President wanted with the economy (less taxes, massive cuts to the budget, fewer entitlements, and more freedom) and low and behold the fear and uncertainty caused by this recession would disappear. The government also stops those major detractors by arresting, convicting and holding those who would cause more suffering in this world. Oh, and then there is that idea that we should be toppling dictators and genocidal maniacs, as they are a major force that brings suffering into the world, but sadly the United States has seldom had the moral clarity to understand that freedom is right everyone has and we should actually fight for it, even if that fight requires to fight for longer than two weeks.

But, I said the process was two- fold. The other obvious part is that whether society and government work to get rid of the negative forces that pull us back, we can individually do our part to bring in countering positive forces. Every thought and meditation on love and happiness. Every act of kindness, no matter how small. Every creative act and job well done is a positive force not only in your own life but the lives of those immediately around you. Those thoughts travel much further than you would think, and they may help someone who is straddling the line with a particular thought turn to something more positive thought. The compounding nature of this should be obvious.

That’s it just be happy and do your best? Yeah, it sounds simple but it’s not. It takes a conscious effort to not run on autopilot, to make every moment a moment where you realize you can choose to be positive or not. And for every step you make, it helps others to make their next step, which in turn is one less person pulling you back down to those lower levels.

I’m not saying this is going to be an overly quick process. But with a determined effort to reduce the negative in the world and to make sure every day you do something, no matter how small, to make the world a better place, the New Age will come about.

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