Review of "Waiting for ‘Superman’"

Short version: YOU NEED TO GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!!

Longer version:
It’s nice to see a movie that makes me feel good about being a teacher. It’s even better to see a movie that doesn’t lump all teachers into the same category of “all teacher are great.” The sad truth is that there are some really bad teachers out there. And the current system we have only protects those who are inept and give the rest of us a bad name.

This movie also provides some much needed points for the entire country to consider.

1. “The Democratic party is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Teachers Unions.”
That the teachers unions give more in special interest spending than any other group in this country.

That’s right the oil companies, the gun lobby, toxic waste dumping, the banks, Wall Street, nobody buys off politicians like the teachers unions. Do you think that’s because the membership of those unions are such stellar educators? No it’s because if most of the adult population saw what some teachers and school administrators did in the classroom… … …well I’m sure the words “your honor, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, it was justifiable homicide” would follow.

If you ever need a reason not to vote Democrat, this is the most important reason.

Even before seeing this movie I would have said the teachers union was one of the greatest threats to this nation. After seeing this movie the only change I have had in my opinion is that I am now convinced that we need to get rid of the teachers unions before we can even bother to worry about Al Qaida.

2. Some teachers are beyond worthless and an utter disgrace to this profession.
I loved hearing the statistic that a good teacher can get through 150% of the assigned curriculum in a year and that a bad teacher generally gets through only about 50% or less. I loved even more the statement that if we just got rid of the worst 10% of teachers in the nation we’d probably be #1 in the world.

Remind me again who stops the firing of bad teachers? Oh that’s right, the teachers unions.

I just wish that they would have carried this one step further by pointing out that so-called “teacher education is all but worthless.” Yes, many of the things you’ll learn in your undergrad Education minor and your student teaching are useful, but the fact of the matter is that you only learn to be a teacher in your first year of teaching. And it’s not something that everyone can pick up. Teaching is an art not a skill and someone people can never learn this art. But one thing I can tell you will never make a good teacher better or bad teacher passable is teacher in-service and all the asinine continuing education courses that states make teacher’s take. This is a bullshit money making scheme to rip teachers off. It needs to be stopped.

3. More money doesn’t fix a system that is broken.
Public education is broken and just shoving more money into a bureaucratic mess that cannot change and adapt is going to do nothing to help. Only by trying new ways (vouchers, charters, online school, trade schools, magnet schools, etc.) will education be fixed. It’s not a lack of money—it is an overabundance of rules, bureaucracy and set ways.

However I would point out that the movie does make one very glaring flaw in its logic. Waiting for “Superman” follows around several children trying to get into charter schools via those schools lotteries. It accurately portrays these charters as way to ensure that these students will get through all 12 years of school and into college after that. It correctly states that if they stay in public school the odds of these children making it all the way through college are significantly diminished. The one thing that the director failed to see that was more important than the school the student was attending, was the fact that all the children the camera was following had parents who wanted their children to succeed. Unfortunately, this nation is filled with parents who don’t care if their child gets a real education or not, and that is an obstacle that even the greatest of teachers cannot always overcome. Before I would complain about the teachers unions, I would complain about parents who do not push their children to succeed as the primary reason education fails in this nation (but I pick on the teachers unions, whom I would wish to burn eternally in Hell if I believed in Hell, because they cause me more direct problems).

But still, whether you find one of the few theaters that is still playing this movie, or wait to rent it, YOU NEED TO SEE THIS MOVIE.

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