What is the New Age?

The New Age Part I
So I did get one question from my open forum for questions I posted a while back. It was to explain what the New Age is. I can see why this is a very important question in dealing with the New Age movement, after all it is our name. The problem is that, as while all things esoteric and spiritual, it’s not going to be a quick and easy answer if I’m going to do this correctly, so bear with me.

Let me first go on with what it is not. Now back in the ‘60’s the early versions of the New Age movement were utterly convinced that the New Age was upon us. That there would be this complete and total overhaul of the system that everyone would suddenly wake up and come to spiritual enlightenment and that the world would just miraculously begin to live in peace, harmony and cooperation. See the song “The Age of Aquarius” for more of this rather naïve belief. This is as foolish a belief as anyone who thought the battle of Armageddon was going to happen in 2000 or that the world is going to end on December 21st, 2012 because the Mayan calendar said so. (But in the hippies’ defense, they were stoned; what’s the excuse for these more recent beliefs?)

Well if the New Age isn’t a wonderful new level of existence where we’re all living in a perpetual commune and singing Kumbaya what is it? (And this is where the long explanation comes in).

First I need you to consider the nature of human psychology. Now if you’ve studied psychology

the problem is that there are a lot of competing theories for why people act the way they do. Freud says we’re driven by sex. Adler by power. Skinner by conditioning and response to the outside world. Jung by a desire to understand ourselves. Maslow by a desire to reach our highest potential. And it seems depending on the situation and who we’re looking at, all seem to be right at times and wrong at other times. Now they can’t be all right can they? Actually they can if you take a page from Eastern beliefs.

Now many Eastern beliefs hold that there are seven centers of energy in your body called chakras. If you’ve ever taken a yoga class you’ve probably heard of them. The first chakra is concerned with gaining physical possessions. The second with pleasures and desires. The third with control over self and power. The fourth with giving and receiving love. The fifth with creativity and expression. The sixth with spiritual sight and understanding. The seventh with a connection with the divine. Each chakra has a positive and negative side. The positive side of chakra one is to find your life filled with abundance, no matter what you have; the negative is to be constantly worried that you don’t have enough and avariciously constantly seeking more. The positive of the third would be to have self confidence and control over your own thoughts, the negative to try and tyrannically control others because you feel weak.

Now whether these centers actually exist on your body in an etheric realm is a discussion for another time. Right now I want to focus on the fact that this series of chakras is also a model for the progression of the spirit up the karmic ladder. That these provide the lessons the soul must learn through multiple reincarnations in the usual order they are learned. For a person stuck at chakra one they will be concerned with only the physical realm, what they have and don’t have, and have little self-reflection into their own inner life. These people are perfectly described by Skinners Behaviorist theories. For people who progressed beyond just the gross physical nature, they have somewhat deeper desires, best described by Freud. For those who have progressed to the third Chakra, they seek power over their own lives, although they project that power incorrectly outward and best described by Adler’s power centered theory of psychology. Jung’s psychology describes the 4th and Maslow’s the 5th. (If you’ve spiritually progressed to the 6th chakra you’re probably a saint and modern psychology really doesn’t go there very often).

But this can describe more than just the progression of an individual soul. Remember as I have described in previous blogs, we are actually all projections of a single divine being as this being works out the logical problem in what is effectively a very complex dream. Thus the universe as a whole is but a projection of that being’s mind, and as we are the conscious part of that mind, one could say the universe is at a certain level on that progression up the chakras. This level is more or less an average of all levels of the individual pieces, our souls. As the universe was working its way through level 1 we experienced on this planet a series of dictators, tyrants and kings all warring and grabbing for land and wealth. Starting about 500 years ago with the Renaissance, I would say we crossed over the line between level one and two and began to be a world dominated by the problem of the 2nd chakra. In more depth, a soul the 2nd chakra is concerned with competition, proving it is the best, achieving, winning, and getting what it wants. And for the world as whole these are currently very pressing issues. Be the best. Be the most successful in terms of money, fame, prestige, and output. Keep up with Jones. Sound familiar? It should, it’s what you see every day on the news.

How does this discussion relate to the New Age? The New Age is that moment when the collective consciousness as a whole crosses that line from level 2 to 3. (Also it is the succeeding progression after that—it took nearly 5000 years for civilization to go from level 1 to 2, but only about 500 from 2 to 3, do the math on how the avalanche of progression follows after that).
Not that the 3rd level will be a paradise, because not everyone will be at that level, but it will as a whole be as profound a change on civilization as the Renaissance was on the Dark Ages.

Now the question remains, how do we get to this New Age? Part II coming soon.

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