Jim DeMint, please stop talking

Jim DeMint is beyond the shadow of a doubt a moron. Which breaks my heart to say because I’m not big on attacking Tea Party members without reason. However stating that “you can’t be a fiscal conservative and not be a social conservative” proves that you’re not exactly firing on all cylinders. Hmm…fiscal conservative someone who doesn’t believe in government spending to control the economy. Social conservative: believing in that the government should pass laws, spend money, and enforce morality. Yes people can be conservative in your personal life (as I am) but that doesn’t mean you want the government to enforce that morality as DeMint meant.

Not only does this King of the Morons misunderstand that a true conservative doesn’t believe in using the government to enforce anything but protection of natural rights. Abortion, gay rights, school prayer you may have a very strong opinion on these. But it is not the point of the government (and especially not the federal government) to enforce these issues. Yeah, DeMint has a point that the fabric of society is falling apart–maybe because people are looking to government and not themselves to enforce morality on their lives.

A true conservative wants the government in our lives as little as possible. A rational conservative realizes that our economic problems take precedence over everything else right now. DeMint seems to understand neither point.

But on a far more pragmatic issue, let’s look at what happens when you push the social issues as going hand in hand with the economic ones. Can we say Christine O’Donnell. Now if you actually watched the interviews and debate, O’Donnell handled herself far better than her reputation would have you believe. But guess what, while I wholeheartedly agree with her stance on government spending, and admire her for having morality that is actually in line with her faith (unlike so many Democrats who say they’re Christians and never come close to living up to those beliefs), but there is a difference between (A) having those beliefs and living up to them and (B) trying to enforce them on other people (i.e. evil) and (C) announcing them on public television (i.e. stupid). O’Donnell lost not because her economic ideas were wrong, they weren’t, she lost because her opposition made it sound like she wanted to enforce those morals on others.

The GOP better realize damn fast that there is a major difference between having morals (which we should all have) and trying to enforce them. If they don’t, they’re going to lose in 2012.

So I ask all my friends who live in DC, if you see DeMint tell him so shut his mouth on this issue, because in this case his mouth is clearly not attached to a brain.

I have included his contact information so everyone who reads this blog can contact and hopefully stop him from single handedly destroying the GOP.

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