America is a bunch of whiners: The New Age perspective

Yesterday I complained that I am afraid that most of America just wants the government to take control of their lives, have it dictate their economic and personal lives in some kind of sick fascist-socialist dystopia. Clearly, the people who want this, either consciously or unconsciously, do not want to take responsibility for their own lives.

Yes, economic times are hard. Did you save your money? No. Well whose fault is that? Did you take a loan on a house that no sane person would? You did. Why should people who are not morons subsidize your bad decisions? Did you eat like a pig, not exercise all your life and then have to go into the hospital for a triple bypass? You did. Explain to me why your added stupidity of not getting health insurance on your own is my problem or my responsibility to pay for. Did you get fired and can’t get rehired? You did. No offense, but good employees aren’t the first ones to get fired, and they’re the first ones who get rehired. Why do I doubt your work ethic?

Same goes with the social issues. Who cares if someone is getting high in the privacy of their own home, California? Who cares if someone is getting a Happy Meal, San Francisco? (Why is California opposed to happiness in all forms?) Who cares if gay people get married or serve their country, America? Honestly, why must the government get involved with these things?

Because people want the government to be in charge. To tell them what to do. What is right and what is wrong. Even if they disagree with it, they want the rules to be there.

And while the conservative in me finds this just stupid, the New Ager in me finds it horrific. And let me tell you why…

As a New Ager I tend to view the human soul as broken up into two parts our actual soul and our insane creation the ego. The ego is that part of your psyche that at its core believes that you are not worthy of God’s love. The ego is insane, destructive and self-hating, and it would really like you to believe that you are it and it is you. And while the ego loves to use such ridiculous concepts as guilt and sin to keep you in this nightmare existence and out of Enlightenment (because as insane as the ego is it realizes that once you realize it isn’t you and go back to the Enlightenment it will cease to exist and it will do anything and everything to keep you from making that realization). And one of the lies that it loves to use to keep you from ditching it like the bad habit it is the lie that you are not responsible for your own life.
Think about it if you were responsible for all of your circumstances (which when you factor in reincarnation, karma, and the law of attraction you are responsible for EVERYTHING that happens in your life) you can’t blame anyone else for your bad situation…and once you realize you’re responsible, you realize you have the power to change your circumstances, which is one of the first and most important steps toward reaching Enlightenment. So taking responsibility, from the Ego’s perspective must be avoided at all costs, because taking responsibility will mean the ego death.

So the ego gives us someone else to be responsible for our problems and for solving our problems. Right now it’s the government. When that line gets old, the ego will shift to something else–fate, genetics, chance, society, our parents–doesn’t matter, so long as you aren’t responsible for you.

So what annoys me to no end is that this current desire for the government to fix our problem (whether it’s Republicans or Democrats) is a sign of what is probably a rather large portion of our society still playing to the darker inclinations of their soul. Now I’m shocked, this is basically the way it’s always been through human history. But I still get annoyed that no one realizes that they need to take responsibility for their own life.

Again I can only hope that this current trend for the Tea Party is a real movement toward people taking responsibility for their own destiny, not wanting other people to solve their problems (just to get out of their way) and stop all the whining about how someone else must solve their problems.

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