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America is a bunch of whiners: The Conservative Point of View

So I have read several op-eds that suggest that the reason the Republicans are going to fail is because they have nothing to offer the American public when it comes to fixing the economic crisis. This line of thought shows liberal thinking (or more accurately lack thereof, in its usual state).
First off, if the Republicans actually act like conservatives this time and not just Democrat-lite (like, say, they did during W’s time) they have a lot to offer. First off they have stop Obama. Now some may say this isn’t a policy that it doesn’t solve the problem. That’s like a doctor saying that if a patient is being poisoned that because they don’t have the antidote right there they should just let the patient continue to be poisoned. Obama’s policies are so ungodly destructive to the very fabric of this nation, that stopping them is doing something–it’s stopping the slow and deadly poisoning! Second, as I said, if they act like Conservatives they’re going to cut, cut, cut everything in sight. My personal dream would be they’ll try to eliminate at least three cabinet level departments. Now we all admit that none of this is going to come about because either it will be stopped by the Dems in the Senate (proving that they’re the real party of no) or by Obama’s veto (proving that they’re the real party of no)…of course there is the possibility that Dems in the House and Senate will be so desperate to keep their jobs they’ll side with the cuts and give us a 2/3rds override, but I’m not holding out for liberals to have that much good sense.
But there is a second and more important problem with this idea that Republicans have no ideas on how to fix the economy. It’s the assumption that it’s the government’s responsibility to fix the economy.
I’m reminded of a Despair.com poster “Government: If you think our problems are bad, wait until you see our solutions.” And generally I think educated, intelligent and rational people agree with this–asking for government to solve problems is a clear sign of having a death wish. When you ask for the most arrogant and insecure people in the country (those who felt that they needed to get elected to a public office to be validated) to direct a massive bureaucracy of people too stupid to get jobs in the private sector, how can you expect anything but disaster.
The government created several of the causes of our current economic problems. And we think that more interference will help the situation? Do you ask a person who just assaulted you to help you bandage a wound? Do ask the co-worker who just stabbed you in the back to help you with your new project? Do you ask the doctor who amputated the wrong limb if he could perform your next operation? NO! So why would anyone want the people who are partly (honestly mostly) responsible for these problems to solve them for us.
But the worst part about this is that I don’t think it’s just a liberal delusion that they think the American public want the government to solve their problems. The sad truth is that a good portion of the nation wants the government to solve their problems. Certainly this is true of just about everyone who voted for the Dems and probably most of the moderates who voted for the GOP this year were doing so not because they believed that the expansion of powers under Obama/Reid/Pelosi is a bad thing, they just were unhappy that it wasn’t working out for them and now think that maybe the GOP will help them out. If this was the motivation for people voting for the GOP, which at some level I fear it was, then I can only say that people are stupid beyond words. A massive portion of this country needs to remember that we’re Americans, we solve our own problems without the help of government because the American Dream is the idea that each of us can succeed and get what we want through hard work, determination, will, talent and skill (notice that usually no one lists a government handout in what the American Dream is). But it seems that people now want the government to take over their lives. Nowhere was this better seen than in California where the public voted down decriminalization of pot, but elected uber-liberals/socialists like Barbara Boxer and Jerry Brown (I heard Brown called a “functionally retarded chimp” on a news program, but this of course is, to anyone who has ever looked at what he did last time he was Governor of California, a hideous insult to mentally challenged primates). So they wanted the government to be liberal and control their economic liberties, but still wanted the government to tell them what they can and cannot put into their bodies in their social lives. Clearly the people of California are morons who want a parental government to just run their lives for them.
If people are really going to keep electing politicians to solve our problems then we will have problems that will never end. The answer is for the government to get out of the way. Yes, there will be moments of economic boom and economic bust when the government does next to nothing, but it’s only when the government gets involved that you have massive bubbles, long periods of unemployment, stagflation, massive debts and in general everything else that we’re headed to under the Obama machine. Government can’t fix the problem so don’t let it try.
Now there is one bright spot in the Tea Party that they seem to be arguing for people to live their own lives, take responsibility for their own actions, and for the government to just leave us alone. I just still have my doubts about whether this will be a sustained movement in the American psyche. God I hope so (and dear God I hope they drop the hypocrite Sarah Palin soon).
But Tea Party or no, the GOP needs to do everything they can to limit, hinder, and eliminate the powers of the government intrusion on the economy in the next two years and the American public needs to grow up and not look for the government to solve their problems.

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