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Obama’s Intellectual Ancestor

Dim Jimmy Carter apparently is taking his information on history from the same reliable sources where he gets advice on nuclear proliferation policy (although I doubt most 6 year olds say anything as dumb as what comes out of this idiots mouth).

This isn’t even close to a major issue but I will never forgo a chance to kick this Anti-Semite when he’s down.

So his latest act of incompetence is saying that he only lost the presidential election in 1980 because of a third party candidate. This is a fascinating revision of history as Jimmy got 41% and the third party candidate (Anderson) got 6.6% …and Reagan got 50.7 %. Someone should tell Jimmy that 41+6.6 (47.6) is not more than 50.7…but all you have to do is look at how Democrats think they can spend what they don’t have to understand that Democrats all failed math. (And you could argue that some states were close calls, and the third party destroyed Jimmy in the electoral college, but if you want to even try that I would suggest you look at the fact that Reagan had nearly a 20 point lead in California and would have won California even if there wasn’t a third party candidate. And as anyone who looks at politics knows, a Democrat can’t win without California and its massive number of electoral votes–45 in 1980). Even if you assume every vote for the third party candidate would have gone to the 2nd worst president in the history of the Union (three guesses as to who I think is the worst), which is a big assumption, Jimmy still would have lost the electoral college by a wide margin (340-198). Jimmy is just a moron’s moron and like his compatriots who do not live in the real world (Obama, Krugman) should just shut up before he further embarrasses this country.

This just shows what a petty excuse Jimmy is. He is still so sore that the entire nation voted his little excuse of a presidency out that he has to live in a dream world rather than admit he was beaten by a better man.

But is it any shock that he would want to make up a fantasy world. After all, what did his Presidency give us? He let the Soviets destroy the early stages of democracy and capitalism in Afghanistan. He let Iran fall to a religious tyranny. He passed the Community Reinvestment Act which would later be used to force banks to give home loans to people who couldn’t afford them in the 90’s and early 2000’s…gee I hope none of those things ever came back to bite us in the ass.

And shame on Matthews for not calling him on his incredibly bad math. I know Chris gets chills up his legs whenever liberals spew lies and hot air, but this is basic math.

For those who might doubt my statements on the numbers of Reagan’s win:





I also verified these numbers in a few politics books.

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