Liberals and the Constitution

Liberals have some odd ideas about the Constitution. There’s that wacky Congressman who said that the “Constitution is wrong” (Rep. Jim McGovern (D-MA)) last week…not that the Supreme Court is misinterpreting it, not that the letter of the Constitution is being used to violate the spirit of the Constitution, not even that the Constitution needs to be amended–no just that it is wrong. Then you have the liberal bloggers who seem to think that Congress and the White House should pass laws they believe are unconstitutional (which is particularly hilarious since I thought the oath of office required public officials to protect and defend the Constitution). Then there is a liberal friend of mine who I remember went off about the Constitution about how it’s ridiculous that a document 200 years old with out of date ideas should hinder us from doing what we want to.

Liberals have some odd ideas about the Constitution.

Before I really set into liberals for these beliefs, let me just say that I do not consider the Constitution perfect. There are a dozen or so amendments I would love to see happen to the Constitution today. But as systems of government, you’re not going to get any closer to perfection than our current Constitution in the history of world. But this reverence for the most stable and just form of government in the world (yes Western Europe has some nice pieces here or there that I think we should adopt, but when you consider that not a single country in the West has our die hard stance toward the freedom of speech, that alone puts us ahead of the rest).

But, back to liberals. They clearly don’t understand that the Constitution is the clearest point that the law is supreme in this society. That it is the final authority and that no one is higher than it. (This is of course in spite of Obama’s attitude that there is no law higher than his whim.)

It is this attitude of looseness toward the Constitution that has brought us to our current situation, and from the above quotes it seems that liberals either consciously (Obama) or inadvertently (probably most liberals who feel they are doing the right thing…but what road does good intentions pave?)

It is this attitude that has allowed Congress to radically reinterpret the commerce and necessary and proper clauses to mean that Congress can do just about anything. It has allowed them to say we must be forced to buy things under penalty of fine if we do not buy the good they say we have to–thus violating your natural right to property and the liberty to decide how to use and or dispose of that property.

Under a proper interpretation of those clauses, most of the insanity of the last 80 years would never have happened and this country would be in a far stronger position than if we had not begun our slow descent into socialism.

But as above some claim, it’s a living document that must adjust with the times. First, this ignores what its purpose was, to set rules, and rules should not change over time just because people wish it. After all the Constitution was not etched in stone, it came with a process for change, amendment. But rather than debate change, liberals seem bent on passing anything they can, and like an irresponsible child see what they can get away with. And that includes appointing unqualified judges to the Supreme Court to rubber stamp their unconstitutional laws. Because if nothing else they understand the power that ignoring the Constitution gives them. Just as 1984 warned us that he who controls the past controls the future, we should also be wary of the fact that he who controls the Constitution controls the fate of this nation. Now who do you trust more, modern politicians arguing over what they think it kind of sorta says…or arguing over what the Founders intended in those articles. I trust the Founders, as it is much harder to make up things about what they intended (although it can be done as in reality, contrary to modern belief, they were not all deists).

So I hope the Republicans keep their promise to enact only Constitutional laws (and maybe go as far as disbanding the unconstitutional ones…like welfare, but that may be too much to ask for at present).

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