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Obama madness

This administration is out of it goddamn mind!
This last week Obama has been quoted as saying “Republicans will have to learn to get along with me” if they win big in the midterm elections. Huh? Let me see if I understand the logic of his statement. The American public, pushed a great deal by the Tea Party movement, elects a bunch of very conservative politicians, not for social moral reasons, but primarily on fiscally conservative reasons, with the intent of halting the growth of spending if not cutting, cutting, cutting the federal budget. The old guard of the Republican Party is being pushed aside by the America public because they worked with this twit and because they weren’t the party of “no” and didn’t attempt, let alone stage, a no holds bar “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” style filibuster of the TARP and Stimulus and Obamacare but did give into these socialist moves. They are being pushed aside for people who will say no to Obama. They’re being elected because they will say “no” to Obama. They’re being elected to stop him. They’re being elected because these are the kind of conservatives who will go the mattresses over what is right; to not work with him. And this arrogant bastard thinks that they are required to get along with him? WHY? Because that’s how government works? Not really. The separation of powers is what it is because the branches are supposed to work against each other. But I guess it might be too much to ask that a Harvard educated constitutional lawyer like Barrack might occasionally read the Constitution. But it’s not his twisted view of government that makes Obama think that the Republicans if elected should immediately give up the reason they were elected, betray their constituents, and work with him because Barrack Obama is so ungodly narcissistic that he believes because he is who he is, (in his mind something slightly higher than the second coming of Christ), that they should just get down on their knees in supplication and give in just because it is him who said it.

And then there’s Joe Biden. “Democrats aren’t running on the administration’s accomplishments like health-care and financial-regulatory overhaul and the stimulus because “it’s just too hard to explain,” Biden said.” That’s right you and I the average American dullard just can’t understand how massive debt, increased spending, less economic freedom, more union power, high unemployment, a prime rate set at next to zero, a weak dollar and states on the verge of bankruptcy is…apparently a good thing. Oh wait there’s an easier answer, Biden is either an idiot who doesn’t know that he and all of his boss’s policies are terrible things or he’s crazy. Either way he’s not mentally fit to hold any elected office.

Oh and then there’s this little violation of the law. Michelle Obama campaigns inside a polling place. Again you would think a Harvard educated lawyer would know you can’t discuss politics inside the polling place…but apparently not. The lesson here (besides the fact that apparently a Harvard degree isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on) is that the Obamas think they’re above the law. This a serious crime and this woman is going to get away with it. I really hope the ABA gets a hold of this story and disbars this idiot, but I doubt that this will occur.

In final analysis, hardly a week goes by that doesn’t show us that just about everyone in this administration isn’t — A. stupid as a rock. B. out of their mind C. possibly intentionally working against the best interest of America in the name of ideology (I didn’t bring this one up much in this blog, but it’s been there in the past) or D. Some sick combination of the first three options. I hope the Republicans don’t work with Obama and for two years actually are the “party of the no” which he claims them to be.

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