Top Ten Suggestions for Cuts

So the Republicans have promised that if they are elected to both houses they will make cuts to budget every week. Really this is kind of a weak promise as they are almost guaranteed that the narcissist-in-chief will assuredly veto every single one of their cuts because he doesn’t understand compromise. But it’s still a nice thought. So I would like to suggest the first 10 cuts that the Congress should make.

0. (Not funding Obamacare, and pulling back all TARP and stimulus money goes without saying.)

1. The salary and pensions of members of Congress. This will make very little difference in the bottom line of the budget, but symbolically it is important to show that they are willing to cut even if it hurts themselves. Further, I really think any Congressman or Senator who has a net worth over a million should just refuse their salary and pension to show they remember that they are civil SERVANTS. …oh and the President needs to take a pay cut too.

2. The Department of Agriculture. No specific cuts per se, I just want the entire Department defunded. This department does nothing. It serves no purpose. There are more people working in the department than there are farmers in America. It is a ridiculous waste and it needs to go.

3. Ten percent across the board pay cut for all federal employees. Yes I know soldiers and FBI agents are probably not paid enough (and maybe a few congressional staffers), but everyone else in the government is grossly overpaid. They not only deserve a pay cut, it’s long overdue. The fact of the matter is that the public sector should never be a job people are looking to get work in for life; it only breeds larger and larger bureaucracies that ruin our lives. The public sector should always be paying less with fewer benefits than any private sector counterpart.

Oh, and if you’re part of any kind of union and on the federal payroll may I suggest a 50% percent pay cut…after all you and your communist—I mean union– cronies are hell-bent on destroying this country, it’s time to return the favor.

4. 10% across the board cuts to every department and every entitlement. It’s a recession and we’re all tightening our belts and cutting the fat. You the federal government can do the same.

5. Cut all funding for the arts (that includes NPR and PBS). If the private sector doesn’t want to keep these things alive then I guess they really weren’t that popular after all.

6. Cut all funding for research. Again, if the private sector doesn’t want to research something, then I guess there really wasn’t as much interest in it.

7. Every earmark for the last 10 years needs to just be erased.

Sadly, up to this point I’d be surprised if I saved the government 15% of its budget. Now, time for the meaty cuts. But these are symbolic and need to be made first to show the American public that even after we cut the fat, there are still massive expenditures that are draining us of our last dime.

8. Medicaid and Medicare. These have to be cut radically. Anything short of a 50% cut in funding is not going to be worth a damn in the short run. If that sounds cruel, as how nice it was for people to say you should work yourself into debt to fund their retirement and laziness. Selling future generations into near slavery isn’t my idea of being kind and I see no reason not to reciprocate with the same level of niceness on a federal level. Besides, a good portion of your outrageous medial bill is due to over inflation caused by the introduction of government into the system and to cover the costs of Medicaid and Medicare fraud. (Although I would also revise the law to treat Medicaid and Medicare fraud not a single acts of fraud, but as individual acts of fraud against each person who paid into the system, i.e. every taxpayer. One act of fraud is therefore actually about 300 million acts of fraud…I wonder how many life sentences that works out to in maximum security…I wonder how stiff penalties like that might cut back on said fraud).

9. Social Security. As I have stated before everyone needs to start taking progressive cuts in social security depending on when you’re about to enter with the purpose of eliminating this part of the budget. The monsters of social security and Medicaid and Medicare will destroy us if we do not get rid of them. Now let’s show we have some guts and the ability to see more than two steps down the road.

10. Welfare and Unemployment Insurance. I’d be happy just killing this, but that makes for bad economic policy to have such an immediate change. But a 10% cut every year or so should do it.

11. Privatize the national parks and lease them out to private companies. I’ll bet you we will get better service, cheaper prices, and possibly even more people employed.

12. Privatize the post office. They’re running at a loss of billions a year and I can’t see how the private sector couldn’t do better. Yes this likely will lead to a bunch of postal employees killing each other in violent gun battles, but as you’ve probably guessed I have little love for federal leaches–I mean employees.

All of this would be a good start for the first few weeks, but I’m sure they can find more than enough wastes of spending throughout the entire budget to just cut left and right for the next 2 years, hell we could do this for 10 years and not cut all the fat.

Let’s see if the Republicans can live up to their word.

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