"Do you have any evidence that it’s not?" and the inevitable fall of Obama

“Do you have any evidence that it’s not?”

That’s the White House’s response, via David Axelrod, to asking if they had evidence to back up the President’s baseless accusation that foreign backers are funding the Republican campaign efforts through the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. This is a gutsy accusation from a party which has been under the shadow of these accusations since; at least, Al Gore took Chinese money and then claimed he didn’t know where it came from. (Similar accusations have been made against Bill and Hillary, as well as Obama…but these at least had inciting incidents to give the claim at least some justification for questioning). But “Do you have any evidence that they didn’t” is a new low for argument.

Now a stupid person would try to make fun of this statement by bringing up birther comments, but there is a birth certificate from Hawaii which qualifies as evidence against. So instead I’ll go two (or ten) steps beyond stupid accusations and go to pure insanity and farce in making fun of this great moment in the Obama White House’s unrivaled skill in logical argument.

(Given that Democrats were really uncreative in picking a charge usually used against Democrats, I’m going to be equally uncreative in my accusations by just looking at what’s on TV and what’s at the theaters)

Barrack Obama is really a giant lizard from space bent on eating humans. Do you have any evidence that he isn’t?

Barrack Obama is a horse that won the Triple Crown. Do you have any evidence that he isn’t?

Barrack Obama is a nebulous cloud that keeps people trapped on an island. Do you have any evidence that he isn’t?

Barrack Obama is a vampire hell-bent on seducing young girls. Do you have any evidence that he isn’t?

Barrack Obama is in league with the evil teacher unions that are hell-bent on destroying the American school system. Do you have…oh wait I actually have a mountain of evidence in support of that one.

But I think I’ve made my point. The mere fact that people’s heads aren’t rolling in the White House over this incredibly stupid justification isn’t sad. It would be sad if it was an isolated incident. However what this really is are the acts of a narcissist and his sycophants who believe that if he says it, it must be true. This bodes very well for the Republicans. Because they will spend the next two years in control of both Houses voting one major budget cut after another and Obama will veto each and every one of them. And in 2012 it will be very clear that it is Obama who is from the party of “no.” The reason for this is simple. If Obama doesn’t fire people over BS arguments like “Do you have any evidence it’s not” it can only be because he accepts that line of thought–because that line of thought justifies the logic of Obamaland, a mystical magical place where anything Obama says is true because he says it (facts be damned).

In Obamaland we have gained jobs even though the number of jobs is less. In Obamaland raising taxes doesn’t take money out of the economy. In Obamaland the budget hasn’t grown (see Krugman’s latest delusional article). Apparently also in Obamaland the economy is run by magical pink unicorns, because in Obama’s mind it certainly isn’t run by free enterprise.

So, unlike a pragmatic human being (Clinton) there will be no diving for the center with Obama. He will go against the Republicans and the public at every chance over the next two years. Each time ruining what he has left of his reputation and each time putting another nail in his political coffin… not that he’ll notice, he’ll be too busy being on vacation on the taxpayer’s dime. Another two years of this putz and the Republicans are going to come out looking like a bunch of choir boys (so long as they don’t characteristically blow it).

So either the Republicans come off on top 2012 (hell even if we put O’Donnell up next to him, Obama will still come off a nut after two more years of this) or between then and now the Democrats will realize what a liability they have on their hands and they’ll start impeachment proceedings.

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