Pragmatics on Healthcare reform: It won’t work

So, I got some questions about whether healthcare reform will work or not. What systems of government control should be kept and what should not? So forth and so on, questions dealing with how to pragmatically deal with healthcare reform.

Let me remind you of the last blog to deal with healthcare. You don’t have a right to healthcare! Anything the government does in this area is thus a violation of your rights. The kind of violation that makes the redcoats look like the good guys. Who cares about the pragmatics after that?

But, for the sake of argument, let’s look at why this won’t ever work pragmatically either. Basic rules of reality is that capitalism works. The more competition and the less rules that exist the better service and lower prices you get in any field.

All Obamacare did was add rules and bureaucracy to a system that was already overly controlled. Did it remove the rules that prevented insurance companies from crossing state lines which would have increased competition thus forcing costs down? No. It said you have to cover people who are already sick. That would be like telling a home insurance company that they had to insure a house that had a crumbling foundation, termite damage, and a gas leak at the exact same price that they would insure a home that was built to code. I’m going to guess if that’s their only choice then they’re going to get out of the insurance business entirely….which is what some companies are doing.

Instead of Tort Reform which would drastically decrease costs across the board, we get forcing insurers to pay for children who are legal adults. Can we say paternalistic society? That’s right the government doesn’t expect you to do anything for yourself until your mid-20’s you poor, poor incompetent baby (that’s what this says, that you are not able to take care of yourself). This leads to some insurers no longer offering any coverage for children on plans (yes, I’m sure that’s better for everyone) just so they can stay afloat financially. Further offering coverage means more people in their 20’s will go to the doctor because, hey, they don’t have to pay for it…which will lead to longer lines in doctor’s offices and ERs. This will mean shorter visits, less quality in your visit, and longer wait time. So if you really do need see a doctor, expect on dying before you get there because some 22 year old with a cough had no incentive to just wait it out. Think that’s an exaggeration? Look at the wait lines in Britain and Canada, look at the rates of amputation for diabetes patients, look at the fact that people go for years with symptoms of gout without being able to get it treated….then look at the fact that those are things unheard of in this country. Could it be that because the free market has more control in this country is the reason we have better care.

Instead of relaxing the rules that would allow Medical Insurance companies to invest in medical research (yes, we bar the people with the most incentive to invest in research to reduce costs from investing in research) which would bring down costs and time. We have government boards already declaring some drugs are just too expensive (made expensive by terrible patent laws and an insane trial process) for cancer patients so they just have to suffer and die.

Instead of cutting costs in Medicaid and Medicare from which we get most of the increases in patient care, we get more people on the dole. This will only lead to more abuse, more fraud, more wasted money and less access to doctors.

Oh and there will be fewer doctors as many have said they’re just going to retire rather than live under the hellhole of restrictions presented by Obamacare. Think it’s hard to get an appointment now. Just wait until you have to wait 10 months for the cancer screening to find out what could have once just been cut out has now metastasized to your brain. Lets here it for Obamacare! There won’t be death panels; you’ll just wish there were.

In short, pragmatically, Obamacare will lead to increased prices, reduced service, longer waits, higher fatality rates, and a lower quality of living.

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