It took time to free the Slaves

“It took time to free the slaves” says Obama.

This is a fun quote on numerous levels.
1. He’s suggesting enslaving people under a socialist regime is a good thing, like freeing the slaves. Fascinating how in the mind of a liberal the very things that enslave people (i.e. big government) are what they see as salvation.
2. He’s implicitly comparing himself to Lincoln…yeah no ego issues there.
3. He’s implying that Republicans and Capitalists are like slave holders…and not, you know, the party that freed the slaves. Never say that Obama isn’t willing to stoop to vicious and childish name calling. (Before you call me a hypocrite on that point, I admit that I engage in name calling…the difference being the Jackass-in-chief has it coming).
4. Yes, yes it will take time for things to change for the better. He is right on that point. In fact I think I have to wait for January 2013 for thing to change for the better.

You’ve got to love how disconnected from reality this twit is. Years from now we will look over his presidency and laugh at his ineptitude. But for now we must suffer.

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