Republicans more to right with their New Pledge: Too little, too late.

So the Republicans came out with their New Pledge to America about what they’ll do if they take control of both houses of Congress. They have the usual Republican good ideas.

But in amongst all these good ideas is still the same philosophy that got the Republicans into the problem they are having with the Tea Party right now. All this does is, for better or worse, take us back to the day before Barrack Obama took control. It rolls back nothing else. It takes no stand. It offers no new direction. All it does is roll back to January 2009 and from there all we can expect is more compromise and dealing with the Democrats.

Can I ask a question, why do the Republicans always compromise with the Democrats? Why is it always, okay you want to increase spending by 10% and we want 0% so we’ll compromise at 5%. Why is it never the Democrats compromising with the Republicans? Okay you can to cut the budget by 90% (it really should be cut by 99.9%) we want to increase it by 10% so we’ll compromise and cut it by 20%. That is the whole message of America’s current outrage!

And if Republicans think this habit of compromise will work, then I really have to wonder about them. Because it’s the exact same plan they’ve tried time and time and time again. And each time they compromise and make this country just a little bit worse. It’s what they’ve always done. Over and over again. What’s that thing where you do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result each time. Oh that’s right…insanity.

The only way to actually improve things is to actually hold a conservative philosophy–a philosophy that states people and the market know better than the government. Just rolling back to 2009 isn’t a solution it’s just starting the problems all over again. Unless there is a sincere and passionate attempt to not only roll back Obama but roll back all anti-capitalistic and ant-republican (I’m using that as the form of government, not the political party) actions that the Democrats have been putting in for decades this is still only delaying their liberal attempt to destroy everything that makes this country work.

This pledge might be a good first step. But there is a thousand miles left to go. And while the journey of a thousand miles may begin with a single step, I can only pray that the Republicans do not think it is the only step they need to make.

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