Congratulations to the Senate Democrats.

To Harry Reid and his brethren, I say, “Well played.” Take a defense bill which is very hard to vote against. Tack on an amnesty amendment that most of this country would hate but force Republicans to vote against not only the amnesty, but the defense bill—thus the bill becomes a no win for Republicans. But the absolute genius of their devious move is they also tacked on the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” which if that were by itself it would likely pass the Senate with some Republican support…but this way in conjunction with the media’s help they get to make the Republicans not only vote against a defense bill but appear to hate gays (which hurts them with a little more than half of the country) even though I think most of them were primarily voting against amnesty (which most of the country would have supported them on this point). Indeed the Democrats engineered a no win for the Republicans in the field of public opinion.
So again I say, well played. You’re a bunch of unethical asses, but well played.

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Filed under Evils of Liberalism, Harry Reid

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