The Tea Party and Cluelessness

These people are clueless and they really don’t seem even capable of getting it!

No I’m not talking about the Tea Party, I’m talking about the people in the establishment analyzing the Tea Party. Just look at what’s going on in Delaware.

Reading over an article entitled “Extremists are Taking Over GOP” I saw a generally clueless level of analysis involved in trying to figure out why basket-case O’Donnell won and Castle didn’t.

Two quotes from the article stand out:

“[…]the nine-term congressman was mourning the decline of both the conciliatory style of politics that animated his career and the moderate Republican disposition that the tea parties are determined to destroy.”


“‘There are issues on which, as Republicans and Democrats, we should sit down and work out our differences,; Castle said Monday night[.]”

And you have to wonder why he lost the primary?

Exactly what issues should Republicans and Democrats sit down on. Obama-Pelosi-Reid and their ilk are absolutely convinced that government is good–that large, active, and powerful government is something that can bring about benefits to society. A cornerstone belief of conservative thought is that government is nothing but a necessary evil, that liberty is the not an end to greater benefit but an end in itself, and that the only good government can provide is to stem anarchy from destroying society. Where exactly do you sit down and work out differences with this? You compromise on plans, and sizes and methods when you have the same eventual goal or at least similar goals. There can be no compromise when the philosophies are diametrically opposed.

There cannot be compromise between these two points because any deal either expands or contracts government, and either one side wins or the other does. There can be no compromise between these two philosophies without a compromise of values. To fight to the end and lose is one thing. But to compromise and reveal you have no values, no core philosophy, and no moral compass is quite another. And the history of the moderate (i.e. stupid and backstabbing) wing of the GOP has always been to give Democrats more and more government.

And that shows they do not believe in conservative philosophy…only in getting reelected. (Is that shocking knowing that Castle is a 9 term congressman and a former governor…which means he’s been an elected official for at least 20 years…yeah that’s a man who just wants to get elected and has no personal values that guide him).

And what the GOP establishment and the media elite don’t get is that the Delaware public probably realizes what a lacking candidate O’Donnell is…but that their actions this week wasn’t a whole hearted endorsement of O’Donnell but of a condemnation of politicians like Castle who will, with the moral courage of Neville Chamberlain, sell us out at every chance they get so long as they get a temporary gain. The people of Delaware are saying that “we don’t know if this nutcase will be better, we doubt it, but the devil we know is no better than that Democrat candidate as both will sell us out and make government bigger. What have we got to lose with O’Donnell?” (And keep in mind if she pulls it off, stranger things have happened, we will get hours of endlessly humorous quotes from O’Donnell…god I hope the GOP has dispatched a good public relations person to teach her how to better phrase her statements).

The columnist in the article further laments:

“Castle’s defeat at the hands of Christine O’Donnell, a perennial candidate who may be the least qualified Senate nominee anywhere in the country, does indeed mark the collapse of the Republican Party not only of Nelson Rockefeller and Tom Dewey, but also of Bob Dole and Howard Baker.”

Good! I may not be thrilled with O’Donnell but if liberal wannabe’s like Rockefeller never get into the party again then we have made progress. It shouldn’t be the party of morally impotent scum of the like just listed there. The Republican party needs to remember it is the party of Goldwater, Reagan, Gingrich. People who take philosophical stands and do not compromise on them. They may be pragmatic and sacrifice secondary goals to achieve their primary goal, but they do not lose sight of their eventual goal.

Finally I would like to point out that it is not the conservative belief that is extreme. A hatred and fear of government is grounded in 5,000 years of history and philosophy. The extreme view is to believe that government can do–a belief that had no basis in reality. But if we have to get a little extreme in our methods (e.g. electing nut jobs to make a point) well, I turn to Goldwater: “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.” Perhaps the Republican establishment needs to learn that their “conciliatory” and compromising methods are no virtue and no favor to America.

And on one last bright side….at least O’Donnell isn’t Phil Davidson.

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