New Age Movies: The Air I Breathe

“Sometimes risking everything is the only choice you have.”
So I’ve tried to get back to writing those New Age movie reviews but the last month has been a bit taken up with real life…and I tried to get movie reviews finished in that time….4 different ones, in fact…each one matched to my emotion of the week…seemingly going from pleasure to love to happiness to sorrow…and I was about to get down to finishing at least one of those 4 when looked over the pattern they provided and realized a very different movie was calling to me. “The Air I Breathe” A 2007 film that was fairly ignored and even less understood. I have found the film is a great barometer for whether you are an optimist or a pessimist. I find the ending hopeful and inspiring…a lot of people I know find it utterly depressing…I find something like that a wonderful reflection of how hopeful your inner soul is.

So before I ruin the movie, go rent it. Do not read the rest of this…go rent the movie.

No really.

I’m serious here.

Go rent it.

Okay, you’ve been warned.

So if you listened you’ll find that I’m only going over some of the most cursory observations as this movie has volumes of meaning. If you didn’t listen and just kept reading you’ll find some of these observations a little trite, but trust me they’re not.

“Sometime being totally fucked can be a very liberating experience. Today I see things in a new light.”

The movie follows four otherwise nameless characters: Happiness, Pleasure, Love and Trista (which if you translate that into English means sorrow). This comes from some old Chinese proverb that states that life is made up only of moments of happiness, pleasure, love and sorrow.

And while none of these characters live up to their names in the way you would think, through the course of the movie they each teach you, in a very New Age way of thinking, what the true nature of their names.

Happiness is a moment of living totally in the moment, not the future or the past, but the complete and total present.

Pleasure is found in those unexpected moments. Pleasure is knowing that you and you alone control your fate and that nothing is predetermined.

Sorrow is only temporary. And the sorrow that comes into your life is often what will in the end lead you to where you should be.

Love is often unrequited. Not always, but often. But requited or not, it should be given freely and completely without any attempt to possess or coherence.

“A new day dawns and I have no idea what to expect. I can change someone’s life if I want to. Make it worse. Make it better. It’s up to me.”

As I said before you can find volumes in this movie if you look for it….at least if you’re an optimist. If you’re a pessimist you’re going to miss that this miss quite explicitly states that there is a higher order to the universe and what appears to be a moment of sorrow is really only the beginning of something else. If you can see the brighter side of things it is an especially hopeful movie that reminds you, when you’re down, that happiness is always at the end of journey if you try to find it (which is why I don’t understand how people can find this movie depressing as every character ends finding happiness).

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