Inception, the New Age, and the Celestine Prophecy

So, over the last few days I have really been wanting to talk about “Inception.” It is one of the best movies of the past decade and it is clearly deeply philosophical but discussing it with people who haven’t seen it isn’t just a spoiler it’s standing outside a double showing of “The Usual Suspects” and “The Sixth Sense” and telling every person walking in “Kevin Spacey is Keyser. Bruce Willis is dead.” So even though Inception would serve as a great metaphor to help describe New Age beliefs (even though I don’t think that was Nolan’s point) I can’t say anything about it, lest I spoil the movie. All I’m going to say is “It wobbled!”

So while I wait for everyone to see “Inception” I’ll just start a long string of blog on how other movies show New Age principles (probably followed by a series on conservative principles, but one thing at a time). So let us begin with possibly one of the most explicit New Age movies ever: The Celestine Prophecy.

So let me say at first that the movie and the book The Celestine Prophecy are simply not great literature. The dialogue is kind of stiff, the plot on the edge of overly coincidental and characters often lack some depth. However, it’s not meant to be great literature. The story, and by extension, are a parable meant to teach what are called the Nine Insights of the Celestine Prophecy. And like any parable, theme and message are the important part, characterization and plot are not the primary concern.

That being said, the Nine Insights of the Celestine Prophecy are the author James Renfield’s attempt to distill the New Age movement into it’s most basic and widely held principles. Now unlike most movies I will discuss in this series of blogs, the Celestine Prophecy does not require you to dig for its meaning. Often they will literally say “The Fourth Insight means” and then the next ten minutes of the movie illustrate the point.

So I’m just going to go over some of the basics you should know about the New Age as told through the Celestine Prophecy. The First Insight is that we are on the verge of a New Age in human development (yes the term New Age does actually have a meaning). We are on the cusp as a society of seeing the world not just as a series of random events, or even as a series actions and reactions based on pure Newtonian falling of dominoes, but rather existence as a place to learn and grow. Things do not happen because a butterfly flaps it’s wings, but because we need them to to push us to the next lesson. As we begin to see this we will begin to see that the universe is constantly giving us clues to how to see to learn. And when we open ourselves up we see these clues, and god do we see them. They because obvious and we are able to step back and see everything working, and when we step back we see everything working for us. Carl Jung called this synchronicity (and he came up with that term before he lost his mind, so don’t go pulling up Jung’s crazy/evil later career as proof against the possibility of synchronicity). It’s where you see everything in the universe pointing in one direction or another.

Every person you run into, everything you see, every idea and feeling that comes up is the universe trying to show you synchronicity. If for instance both you feel the sudden urge to reconnect with an old friend and they suddenly call, that’s something…your rational mind might try to say it’s just coincidence but it’s not it’s the universe trying to make everything work in tandem. If you both suddenly realize you are meant for each other on the same day and then try and call each other with this revelation at the exact same moment thus getting busy signals on each others phone and thus get a busy signal both ways–that’s not coincidence and don’t try to fool yourself that it is, it is the universe trying to shout the obvious to you. Now, sadly, humanity for the past few thousand years had listened to their ego and not their soul about these things, and thus they don’t see them as what they are. But as we accept them more and more, we’ll see them more and more until the point where you will be able to be guided by the signs that are all around you. Basic rule, the universe is too well ordered and has too much of a purpose to be random, thus there is no coincidence…only signs we don’t understand.

The Second Insight is that this synchronicity is not only on a personal level–It exist on the level of the whole world. And if nothing in the world is coincidental then everything in history has been part of a purpose leading us to some next stage in human existence. The New Age. What and When? I’m not exactly sure. But we can either go about our lives and not hinder this coming moment, or we act with determination and move this the planet forward intentionally.

As to the other Insights. I would highly recommend that the book and the movie are great places to start for anyone interested in the New Age. (Again I apologize, they are not great art, but they are good philosophy).

Coming Next Week: The M. Night Shymalan Oeuvre (minus those last two terrible movies).

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