Little Boots: The ideal comparison to Obama

Now many of my fellow conservatives like to compare President Obama to a myriad of despots. Lets run down the list:

Hitler: This is probably more as a backlash to the fact that liberals loved to compare Bush to Hitler, and turnaround is fair play. The problem with this comparison is that Adolf was far more effective at getting his plans into practice than Barry appears to be.

Mussolini: Prime Fascists number two, this comparison admits that Obama doesn’t quite know how to get his plans to work and suggests that Barrack is just the puppet of Soros as Benito was the eventually the puppet of Germany. But this is still unfair as even the Italian Fascists were far more accomplished at temporally saving a dying economy than the Democrats seem to be.

Marx, Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Castro or other various communist leaders: WHile Barrack may agree with all of their ideals it is still an unfair comparison as most of these men could hold a crowd much better than Obama seems to be able to (and Marx stylistically was a much better writer).

So these are all unfair comparisons. Also because I just don’t see Obama racking up the body counts these men have (but only because I don’t think Obama-care is going to pass…if it does he may have a shot at rivaling their numbers).

But as people love to make comparisons, I have the perfect head of state to compare President Obama to.

First let me submit a few facts:

(1) Barrack Obama has redecorated the West Wing with numerous picture of himself. Notice even liberal commentator Ed Schultz was surprised by this, further notice it is the West Wing (the business part of the White House) that has been turned into the altar of Obama, not residence, but the West Wing!

(2) In a recent meeting with top Democrats where they warned Obama that it looked to be shaping up to be another Republican takeover like in 1994 Obama is reported to have actually responded Well, the big difference here and in ’94 was you’ve got me.’

To paraphrase a famous line “I lived through Bill Clinton, and you sir are no Bill Clinton.” And if Clinton’s dive to the center couldn’t save the Democrats then Obama’s dive to the far left isn’t going to work either.

(3) Obama referred to himself 132 times in one speech.

(4) The man is obsessed with throwing expensive parties at the White House (at tax-payer expense) seemingly simply to placate his ego and his belief is just that cool.

In the end this is all indicative of a man who is really very taken with himself and appears to believe his own hype. I can think of only one man who was this convinced that he was a god-incarnate, who temporally had the love of the people, and whose policies were as disastrous to his country…that man: Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus…better known as the Emperor Caligula. The only thing that could make his comparison more perfect and accurate is if Obama appointed Michelle to the Senate (I know that was terrible but I had to get it in before someone else did). The good news is that we will not have to take him out in the same the Roman had to…2012 is only a couple of short years away. But in the mean time I’m going to be referring to this guy as Caligula.


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