In praise of Obama

Friends, Americans, Countrymen, lend me your eyes to read this blog for just a moment. I come not to do as I usually would and critique Obama, but rather to praise him. The evil that this Administration does will long outlive the time it takes to read this post, the good will be forgotten amongst will be the sea of stupidity and wretched behavior. But to be fair I must point out when he does something right and in this case it is more than just a passing and minor good thing but a policy that is 110% completely right:

Apparently Obama has ordered the poppy fields of Afghanistan to be burned to the ground. This is a decision that his too-liberal-to-be-called-a-conservative predecessor did not believe in, thinking, I don’t know, that we wanted the support of drug lords in Afghanistan (W. proved how doing something in theory can be ethically right, and invading Afghanistan and Iraq was the absolutely right thing to do, but when carried out by a moron without a plan, the good gets muddied by the disaster that ensues). But the Obama has changed policy to burn the fields that provide most of the world’s supply of heroin to the ground where ever they are found. In conjunction with the increased use of predator drones to take out Taliban and Al-Qaeda leadership whenever we actionable intelligence this must all be praised as an absolutely correct decision. As these two vile organizations make a lot of their spending capital from the drug trade, destroy the poppy supply is a beyond obvious to help put them in the ground.

There may be several dozen ways in which the fight is not being fought correctly, but I will not mention them here, because the devil deserves his due, and after all, Obama is an honorable man.

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