What’s wrong with the GOP.

Oh god where to start?

The fact that most of representatives are little more than liberals in conservatives clothes? The fact that our primaries are almost designed to pick the most incompetent candidate? The fact that a brainless bleeding heart like John McCain is actually allowed in this party? The fact that Michael Steele doesn’t have a spine? The fact that Alan Keyes lacks sanity? The fact that given a choice, far too many people in this party would pick abortion as the most important issue to vote on? Ah that seems like a good place to start, this parties inability to get it’s priorities straight.

Let’s look at the party platform (I’m just copying off the party website)

1. National Security: Defending Our Nation, Supporting Our Heroes, Securing the Peace

2. Government Reform: Reforming Government to Serve the People

3. Economy: Expanding Opportunity to Promote Prosperity

4. Energy: Energy Independence and Security

Environment: Environmental Protection

5. Health Care: Health Care Reform: Putting Patients First

6. Education: Education Means a More Competitive America

7. Crime: Protecting Our Families

8. Values: Preserving Our Values

Well isn’t that a wonderfully liberal little list of drivel (and I don’t mean liberal in the good classical liberal sense). Now first off we know that the part really has their so-called “values” (which do include “preserving traditional marriage” and “the value of human life” if you look further down on the page) isn’t 8 on the list, it’s #1. Why do I know this? Hmmm… maybe has something to do with ballot measures dealing with banning gay marriage and a strange lack of ballot measure preventing government intervention in the economy. Might also have something to do with a real fiscal conservative like Guliani and Thompson not making it very far in the primary, but Huckabee and Romney actually winning states (last time I checked the only qualification either of the idiots had was their religion…it sure as hell wasn’t brains).

Still this list looks like Roman Senate debating on which honors to vote Caesar while the barbarians are at the gate ready to burn down the city. That line may prove to be more prophetic than I would like it to be.

But lets go back to the actual list:

1. “Securing the Peace” well isn’t that a wonderfully isolationist and appeasing sounding phrase. I can just hear Chamberlain’s nasal voice promising “peace in our time.”

2. “Serve the people” …is that like “To Serve Man”? Am I the only person who remembers that we’re conservatives. WE DON’T BELIEVE IN THE GOVERNMENT SERVING PEOPLE. The government isn’t there to give you things! It’s there to protect you from those who would use force to take what is yours…you know your life, your liberty, your property. Other than that government has next to no legitimate powers. It’s not there to give things, only to make sure others don’t take without payment.

3. The Economy. Shouldn’t this like point 1 or 2? Lets look at some of their great ideas: “Keeping jobs in America” because economic isolationism and protectivism and other such socialist, yes as in the exact opposite of free market capitalism (what we’re supposed to be in favor of) has always worked to improve the economy…oh wait, it NEVER has.

There is also some doublespeak about the about reforming the tax code, but there are no specifics. Great because going in without a plan is working so well for us in Iraq.

“Protecting Union Workers” is in there. Nice. So we’re going to protect the people whose astronomically high salaries helped destroy the auto industry, and whose abysmally low standards have helped to ruin the education system. With ideas like this who needs Obama to wreck the country? I’m not saying get rid of unions, but when they’re worse than the robber barons they were formed to oppose there is a problem.

“Free and Fair Trade”…which are ruined by overly powerful unions and isolationist trade.

“Supporting our Agriculture”… apparently through more subsidies. Hey maybe we can pay them more to grow more corn for ethanol which is more worthless than any other idea I’ve ever seem.

4. Energy…you know a real energy plan would be nice. It’s called nuclear power. It’s clean. It’s cheap. It’s safe. Not wind. Not solar. Whose costs outdo their benefits. Screw the environmentalist Chick Littles and fire up the reactors.

5. Health care. More double talk that sadly doesn’t include the words “We’re sorry for being the ones responsible for creating Medicaid, Medicare, and the HMO’s that are driving up your costs, we’re going to get rid of those evil organizations the minute we’re in power.” Nope didn’t see that. Didn’t see tort reform there either.

6. Education: I’ll have a rant on this later, as I am more than qualified to particularly talk about this. But the short is that you’re not going to get education reform until the platform includes the words “Break the Teacher’s Union.” Until then I recommend home schooling.

7. Crime. The 2nd point after child molesters is, and I’m not making this up, INTERNET GAMBLING. Yes, gangs, drugs, Al Qaeda recruitment in prisons, illegal immigration, prison population overcrowding… None of this matters in the face of that horrible evil that is INTERNET GAMBLING.

8. Values. I’ve already talked about this but let me tell what else comes in for the GOP as a low level issues at #8 “Protecting our National symbols” and “Preserving American’s Property Rights” That’s right making it illegal to burn a flag is just as important as letting me keep what I’ve worked for (actually the symbols beats out private property rights…private property beats out only one issue “Supporting Native American Communities”…which is kind of odd when you think about what happened to their private property.) You know if I had to choose between property rights (the basis for capitalism and a main pillar of Classical Liberalism) and some dipshit burning a flag to prove to the world he has less than a full brain cell working….yeah I’m going to say that my property rights are more important.

The fact is that the Republican party is going to keep floundering until the platform reads something like this:

1. Conservatives: Grow a pair

2. National Defense: End Tyranny, Secure the Borders, Honor our troops by letting them do their job.

3. The Economy: Free trade, pay down the debt followed by tax cuts, your property is yours not ours.

4. Government Reform: The Top 10 Cabinet Level Departments we plan to give pink slips to.

5. Health Care: We’re getting out of it because we don’t know our ass from a hole in the ground.

6. Energy: The same as our policy toward despots—Nuclear.

7. Education: No Union, real standards, real tests.

8. Crime: We’re going to lock criminals away for a really long time so they can’t hurt anyone else.

9. Values: We’d be happy if you had some, but we’re the government and your values are your business, not ours.

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  1. I like it, even Holly liked part of it.

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