For the 80’s child in all of us…

So I came across these pictures on the DrudgeReport today

and there was some comment about how unhealthy he looked and how he wasn’t eating. But this got me thinking…
So (1) he’s nearly skin and bones (look at
how his chest just kind of caves in at the rib cage, anorexics don’t usually look that thin) and what isn’t skin or bones is pretty much pure muscle.
(2) as we all know I consider him a villain given his Socialist agenda (income redistribution, radical and illegal expansion of union power, universal health care, government take over of banks and major industries) and his fascist tactics (firing the CEO’s of major corporations, more czars than you can shake a stick at, enemy’s lists, fighting with the media with the overtones of a Latin American despot, supporting several Latin American despots).
(3) and we also know I consider him rather incompetent (a) his arrogance and overreaching has caused him to loose most of the goodwill he had a year ago (b) his policies of health care are probably going to flop and if he does force them through that will be the death knell of the Democrats in 2012.
And my mind made connections (1) walking skeleton (2) evil (3) inept….and I realized…

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One response to “For the 80’s child in all of us…

  1. LOL! I totally agree…and I may not have been around in the 80s, but I watched re-runs.

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