Obama: King of Gaffes (Via Gay Conservative)





yes yes I know it’s a repost of a repost, but I want to get the Snark’s comments in there….

Originally posted on The Snark Who Hunts Back:

This will either make you giggle or make you nauseous. Either way, here’s nearly twenty whole minutes of Obama oopsies and embarrassments. Bush goofed one idiom and the entire press verbally flayed him…Obama gives us a running narrative of stupidity and he’s brilliant.

Go figure.

via Obama: King of Gaffes.

The video is at the link. It’s definitely worth a watch.

I am not a fan of making fun of slips of the tongue when it comes to public speakers. When you are speaking as much as President or Presidential candidate you are sure to slip up occasionally and say something foolish.

So, were it up to me, I wouldn’t put much weight on this type of thing.

However, it’s not up to me. Liberals who continually mock Presidential candidate Bachmann for her gaffes in speeches started this. I’m just finishing it.

Here’s my ultimatum. Unless you are willing…

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