Merry Christmas!

Originally posted on The Snark Who Hunts Back:

I say Merry Christmas.

I don’t do it to offend people.

You are perfectly welcome to say Happy Chanukah, Happy Holidays, Happy Kwanzah, Merry Festivus, Happy Wintereenmas, or Happy Winter Solstice depending on your religion, political leanings, etc.

I say Merry Christmas for two very simple reasons.

The first being obviously that I was raised celebrating Christmas and I have an impressive number of happy memories and feelings from all those years of family Christmases. I put up a Christmas tree, I give Christmas presents, I put up Christmas lights and Christmas decorations. I’m fully aware of the pagan background of many of these traditions and I accept them. However they are part of what I call ‘Christmas’. That’s my family tradition. I don’t see Christmas as some sort of political piece in a power struggle between Christians and Atheists, I just see it as a time for my family…

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