Christmas Ideas for Conservatives and New Agers


Yes we all have trouble finding gifts for people.  All of us nowadays have more or less filled our quota of what we need and most of what we want so it becomes difficult for our loved ones to find something we missed even if they know us completely.  For instance my family knows I love movie and books…but it’s hard to find ones that I don’t already have.  So sometimes we need ideas about things that they would love but don’t already have.

So, since I know conservatives and New Agers here will be my suggestions.

#1 For both Conservatives and New Agers… (and a few others)

Republicans and Reincarnation: The Conscience of a New Age Conservative

Oh, we all know that this was going to be on here so don’t act shocked that I put it on here.  But really it is the perfect gift for someone in either group.  It shows how both ideas work together and offers new insight into both belief systems.

I also recommend giving this to liberals and Christians as it may either open their eyes to new ideas…or if they’re particularly closed minded it can be used to really aggravate them.  (Which may not be in the Christmas spirit, but being closed minded isn’t exactly in line with the idea of love for all…think of it as slapping Mr. Potter in the face).

In fact you should buy three copies, one for yourself, one for the friend you’re going to give it to, and one for emergencies.

#2 For Conservatives

Atlas Shrugged Part I

This may not have been the greatest movie in the history of film, but it is a good movie and if conservatives are going to be happy then we need the other two parts made.

#2 For New Agers

(I’m just going to assume any New Ager worth the name already has a copy of A Course in Miracles so we move onto…)

Yoganada’s Translation of the Bhagavad-Gita.   The Gita is probably the most insightful and correct of all the classic works of spiritual literature and Yoganada’s translation and commentaries offer one of the most insightful looks at the whole of the work.

#3 For New Agers

A Merkabah made of amethyst

What is a Merkabah?  It’s a specific kind of shape, namely two interlocked pyramids (kind of a three dimensional Star of David) that is a symbol of the relationship between Earth, Heaven and all the stages of enlightenment in between.  And amethyst is one of the powerful crystals for helping focus higher energies.  Put them together and you have an ideal meditation tool.  A perfect gift for a New Ager that they probably don’t have.


#3 For Conservatives

A complete set of the Sword of Truth books.

(Yes, yes I know, I’m behind on doing a review of each of these books, I promise I will get to them right after Christmas).

This is a perfect set of books for a conservative.  Each book is centered around a conservative theme but the characters are more well developed and the plot more invigorating than, say, an Ayn Rand novel.

#4 For Conservatives

Nothing says I love you and want you to be safe like a Glock.

#4 For New Agers

What the Bleep Do We Know

A movie (documentary?) about many of the ideas of New Age belief expressed as both story and documentary.

#5 For New Agers

Evidence of the Afterlife by Jeffrey Long MD

Because it’s always nice to have scientific evidence to back up what you’re saying.

#5 For Conservatives

With the exception that it is a truly hideous shade of yellow, you can’t go wrong with a “Don’t Tread on Me T-shirt”

Hope that gives you some ideas.

And finally a question…if I got shirts with the “Kiss Ass” Elephant, or the yin-yang symbol from the cover of Republicans and Reincarnation made would anyone buy them?

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