I love this guy, and I always love it when The Snark posts his videos. Have a look.

Originally posted on The Snark Who Hunts Back:

and I’m still too busy to do my own post.

Please check it out. He says a lot here, angry as usual, offensive to some. I happen to agree with much of it, as I tend to do with Pat.

I worry he will get himself killed one day. If there isn’t a fatwah out for him now, it’s probably only a matter of time…and I don’t actually think he cares.

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  1. Northanhymbre Heathen

    Yay – I’ve blogged myself on this very issue, and also posted this passionate video which so eloquently sums up why I’m sceptical of the “shame on you!” tone of so much of the pro-Palestinian lobby. I first came across the clip on, and now cannot get enough of Pat’s rather, er, direct mammer of expressing himself LOL!

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